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I had some people complain :-) that I am hard to reach, so hopefully this page helps. I think you’ll find that I am easy to reach (perhaps too easy).

Feel free to write me in any language. I speak English natively and French more-or-less conversationally, but am happy to stuff things into an online translator.

Internet email

(If you’re wondering why I say ‘Internet’ email specifically, read on…)

fission |at| ldx |dot| caldx.ca – this site.
tmitchel |at| nyx |dot| netNyx.net – Free Public Internet Access.
fission |at| twenex |dot| orgTWENEX.ORG – A free public-access TOPS-20 system provided by SDF.
fission |at| sdf |dot| orgSDF.ORG – SDF Public Access UNIX System.

With the exception of the first system, these are public-access systems ; you could also register for one and then use its online, interactive chat systems to reach me.


You can find me as fission on Libera Chat, OFTC IRC, and IRCnet. These days I hang out mostly in #NetBSD but you can privmsg me directly if you like.

BBS (NetMail / Chat)

fission on
klud.ge (telnet)
klud.ge (web)
klud.geSubtext, a multi-user BBS server for classic Mac OS, running on a Macintosh Plus.
fission@21:3/177 (fsxNet)fsxNet – a fun, simple and experimental network.
(21:3/177 is klud.ge’s address on fsxNet.)
#356 fission on
bbs.impakt.net (telnet)
Dj’s Place – GBBS Pro running on real Apple ][ hardware.


#239 fission on
rmac.d-dial.com (telnet)
RMAC Diversi-Dial #34 – running on real Apple //e hardware.
#239 fission on
rdial.carriersync.com:2300 (telnet)
carriersync.ddial.com (web)
CarrierSync – running RetroDial v1.4.
#239 fission on
magviz.ca (web)
Magviz – a new, web-based platform offering DDial-like chat and more.
Also accessible via irc.libera.chat/#ddial.


My ICQ UIN is 6040663, but I no longer use an ICQ client.

Similarly I once had Jabber, but no more.